Herbal Melange is an all natural food supplement that contains over 380 medicinal herbs,
vitamins, minerals and acids that are essential for a healthy diet and digestion. Herbal
Melange is a healing compound; a natural aid to better digestion, better bodily absorbtion
of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients - better health! It has been tested thoroughly, and
its benefits certified by the Hygienic Institutes in Europe. Since Herbal Melange contains no drugs, there is no
danger of overdose. Prolonged use is beneficial and recommended since Herbal Melange works for you as a
preventive against gastro - intestinal disorders as well as a soothing, healing aid in overcoming existing conditions
of the gastro -intestinal system, the liver, kidneys, gall bladder and pancreas. Herbal Melange has a powerful
absorptive quality. Coming in contact with the absorbing gases, ions, poisons and impurities of any kind, it
thoroughly cleanses the entire system and permits the destructive invaders to be easily eliminated from the body.
Herbal Melange lowers the alcohol level in the bloodstream and reduces concetrations of serum cholesterol. Serum
cholesterol (saturated fat) has long been identified as the villain in the blockage of the arteries and resultant
coronary infarction. Herbal Melange restores the immune system to natural working order. It creates a
non-proliferative environment for harmful bacteria and parasites. It eliminates them while encouraging the growth
of beneficial bacteria necessary for the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system. Colloidal substances
contained in Herbal Melange - waxes, resins and volatile oils, gently cover inflamed areas with protective film that
not only reduces inflammation but prevents farther inflammation from foods while healing takes place. Herbal
Melange aids in the absorption and utilization of vitamins and minerals. It "leads" these beneficial nutriens to blood
vessels and nerve endings. Herbal Melange detoxifies the entire gastrointestinal system. It helps the body fight off
the effect of Roentgen (X-ray) toxicity from all sources, and helps to counteract consequent disorders and upsets of
the intestinal tract.